Suite pour deux harpes

2 harps. Composed in 1983. Recording: 1985 - PHONIC 1980 046. Francis Pierre and Fabrice Pierre, harps. CD edition: 1996 - RENE GAILLY 2003/2. Published by Editions Jobert, Paris - JJ1053 - 1984. Dedicated to Jacqueline Borot. Duration: 9m.

The word 'Suite' should be understood in a broad context that one may compare to the etymological significance of the word in the XVIIth century. This is indeed a collection of four pieces that have been brought together by the analogy of their elements, but which are nevertheless complete by themselves. The concept of "suite" is also expressed by the fact that one or more initial elements always come back in any new parts. The result is a gradually more complex writing that gives the work its particular dynamism.