Compulsory work for the preliminary round of the 4th International Adolphe sax competition dinant 2006

Alto saxophone, piano. Written in 2005, premiered in 2006. Commissioned by the Association Internationale Adolphe Sax. Printed by LANTRO music, 2005031094. Duration: 6m.

Ge(r)ms is a series of ten brief and suggestive images, played randomly: Angel ghost, By-pass, Chant of spell, Choir (aka Tulse Luper Suitcase #39: Code), Focuses, Forbidden roots, Icarus joy, "... Linien, Kreise...", Monodic polyphony, Road echoes. As an imposed work, Ge(r)ms is full of technical difficulties, worthy of the high level of this prestigious competition. In addition, each section features a very specific character, and the musicians have to be very flexible in their interpretation in order to switch instantly from one color to another.