Flutes, oboes, bassoons, snare drum, harpsichord, optional voice(s), violins, hautes-contre de violon, tailles de violon, basses de violon, basses. Composed in 2020. Commissioned by Le Concert Spirituel. Unpublished. Duration : 2m.

The Batucada project had already been launched in 2019. Hervé Niquet wanted to add a festive interlude of Brazilian inspiration to his next production of Rameau's Platée. This short anachronistic incursion was intended to make the link between Cithéron's recitative at the beginning of scene 6, and the air "Chantez, Platée" sung by La Folie. Unfortunately, this beautiful production (whose first performances were scheduled in Toulouse in March 2020) was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.