Flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, 2 vibraphones, marimba, bass marimba, voice (E4 - E5), narrator, strings, MIDI sounds and effects, recording effects. Duration: 15m. Recorded at the Auditorium Abel Dubois of Mons on June 1993, by the Orchestre de Chambre de Wallonie, conducted by Georges Octors. Unpublished.

Written on a text by Pierre Coran, Amadou is a musical tale commissioned by the Belgian Radio and Television (RTBF), representing Belgium in 1993 at the Grand Prix Paul Gilson "Musique" organized by the Community of French-language Public Radio Stations (CRPLF). Pierre Coran went many times to the country of Senghor, and these travels have inspired him a colorful pseudo Senegalese legend. My music highlights the arched symmetry of the text, as well as the slow and incantatory rhythm, typical of the storytellers from the Senegal valley. Nevertheless, I avoided as much as possible any African allusions, and rather sought to express the enchantment and the symbolism of Pierre Coran's legend. {review}

Book I: Pour commencer... - Mélodie triste - Circus polka - Haïkaï - Marche militaire - Chanson de marin - Country music - Conte russe - Carnaval - Flamenco - Sonnerie de chasse - Sérénade.
Book II: Carillons - Tic-tac - Nuage - La vieille tabatière à musique - Drôles de gammes - Les cent pas - Danse roumaine - Movie music - Jodl Ländler - Berceuse - Limonaire - Pour finir.

Piano solo, with optional MIDI accompaniment. Duration: 38m30s. Composed in 1992. Published in 1993 by EMI Music Publishing Belgium/Roland Benelux Music Publishing - ROLAND AM 91796.

"Miniatures" is a cycle of 24 short classical pieces, written in the specific purpose of an educational system developed by Roland. Two versions are available: a pure piano solo version, and a version with MIDI accompaniment arranged and recorded by myself. Only the first book of 12 miniatures has finally been published, with small poems of Pierre Coran and artwork by Pascal.

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